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Afya Arabia

Building Smart Health Care Community

Afya - Responsive View

Afya a consumer friendly Healthcare Exchange in MENA. It brings together world-class ICT products & services covering b2b, b2b & c2c E-commerce transactions. The challenge in crafting user experience for Afya was to design a digital platform where care providers, care payers, government & people can collaborate and understand the common language of the platform and get benefited from the same. After analyzing the basic idea & requirement. We had detailed round interviews with stakeholders, product managers & development team so we can align the UX strategy at both the side.

We crafted separate experiences for 3 types of users (Care Provider, Payer & Patient) based on different use cases in their real life. Information architecture, user flow & customer journey in buy-in process was simplified by breaking into smaller steps. We have also restructured & simplified functional features by simplifying their interaction steps involved in user dashboard after becoming a member.
The visual persona of the platform was designed to stay aligned, compliment & enhance the brand style guide.

Skills Contributed – Information Architecture . User Flow, UX Based Wireframes . UI Design, HTML CSS Development

Discussion &


Web Portal Flow & Strategy

UX Based Wireframes

UI Elements

Afya - UI Elements Afya - UI Elements

Web Portal Flow & Strategy

Afya screen
Afya mobile
Afya screen

UI Style Guide & Assets

Afya - Colour Palette
Afya -  Typography
Afya -  Button
Afya -  Icon
Afya - Member Login

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