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Connecting You & Your Users

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We design experiences for start-ups & businesses to connect with users in a futuristic way.
We plan our every move by keeping user at a pivotal point. On broader level our work starts with a thorough analysis, information architecture (IA), user centric experience design (UX), user interface design (UI) & front-end development.

Our Approach

Makes us Unique & Distinctive.....

Personal Involvement & Pride

In real world crafting outstanding digital experiences requires H2H (Human to Human) approach. So our every project starts with MEETING YOU in person. We are your close knit team taking you as a partner to achieve your goals. We wear your business, put ourselves in your & customer's shoe and live the project completely when we work on it...

We believe - our work is our signature and it reflects who we are. So we're picky, we take only handful of projects to give complete justice through personal involvement at every stage. We make you (client) as a member of our team and then we listen, think, ask, comment, produce & iterate it till we love it.

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In Depth Requirement Analysis

Our detailed RA process is the one of the key activity of our work. We must have to clearly understand business perspective & the problem before we trigger our thinking process. Your business, product, service, targeted audience, their profile & competitors makes us to have a deep insight, address the issues & find effective solutions for them. It may also requires initial research, some field work or workshop with you to come up with right perspective.

Our time investment at this point saves lot of time (& money!) at later stage of the project.

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Design Thinking for Better Engineering

Design - not only creates the first & long lasting impression but has power to establish direct emotional connect with the user.

Design - what it means to us is - Crafting meaningful experiences. A design piece is not how it looks but how it actually WORKS & RESPOND to user. Our love for design makes us to respect the quality of code. We don't add code just to make it functional but beyond, to add a life to make it more human.

Design Thinking for Better Engineering Design Thinking for Better Engineering
User Centric Design & built User Centric Design & built

User Centric Design & Built

Users are on the TOP when we built something in our agency. Everything you plan is for users, so it must be highly usable, effective & simple of course.

We hold deep understanding of user behaviours, patterns, psychology, emotions, mood & of course the current market trends associated with it.

How we manage it? - by using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel draw, Sketch, Basecamp, inVision, just in mind, Eye Tracking, Dropbox and list goes on.

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And The Secret!

Unlike the other agencies, our Founders - Vishal and Swarup, stays thoroughly engaged with every project, as your partner.

Holding 13 years of experience in design strategy, user experience, branding & communication design Vishal and Swarup have invested themselves fully into project execution process, constant thinking & adding real values to every project. No overhead means we can move rapidly and communicate clearly throughout the project.

Having a clear eye of an entrepreneur, a designer, a consultant & a user, they

  • Along with the user side, understand the business process & strategies
  • Transform solution into solid design experiences
  • Enhance & leverage from the best in technology industry
  • Evaluate from user perspective knowing user psychology & behaviour patterns
Vishal J. & Swarup B. Vishal J. & Swarup B.
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