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Brand Style Guides

Align your brand with your business values and goals

It is not always easy for businesses to maintain consistency in their branding efforts. But, from a customer’s point of view, consistency is pivotal to brand retention. When your logo, brand name, newsletters, stationery, banners, advertisements and all other marketing communication incorporate the same colours, shapes, fonts and styles, it creates a consistent brand image that customers can easily recall. Consistent branding is effective branding, leading to greater identity and brand recall. However, many businesses get caught up in their branding, marketing and advertising efforts which, at some point, can become overwhelming. This can move your focus onto the implementation of your branding rather than the consistency of it. Prismic Reflections offers brand style guide services that ensure that you never lose focus or consistency in your branding.

Comprehensive Brand Style Guide Creation from Prismic Reflections
Brand style guide creation refers to the creation of a manual that covers all the specifications of your brand. A branding manual becomes a quick reference for every branding need and provides inputs that allow you to implement any advertising with consistent branding. Brand style guides are an integral part of every successful organization that is a leader in its industry. Through the use of the particulars within your brand manual, you can become the organization whose consistent branding results in quick brand recognition and recall. Simply put, your consistent branding doesn’t give customers the opportunity to forget about you.

A brand manual contains, among others, the following details:

  • The mission and vision of your business
  • The market to which your products appeal
  • The emotions and principles with which your organization and brand is associated
  • The products and services that you offer
  • Detailed description of your logo
  • Colours, fonts and shapes used in your logo
  • Colours, fonts and styles used in your name
  • Colours, fonts and styles used while printing any additional information about your business
  • The preferred language tone and style that your website, newsletters and sales promotion utilize
  • Additional details such as the feel of print advertising options, the alternatives to colours in the case of advertising on a grey scale and any other detail about advertising and branding efforts that you deem required
  • The rules that dictate the accurate and most effective method of usage of your brand on every advertising medium

The branding team at Prismic Reflections knows that your branding needs are unique to your business and are greatly influenced by factors such as your organizational goals, products and services target customers and the emotions that make up your brand. That is the very reason that we incorporate all these aspects while creating your brand manual and keep you updated as we progress. We create a branding manual that is based on your vision of your brand and corporate identity and that has your inputs at its core.

Your brand style guide can be used as a guide by your advertising department or any outside agency to ensure consistency in your branding. Prismic Reflections is dedicated to creating an exhaustive branding manual that covers all the aspects of your brand and its image. The brand style guide that we create for you allows you to focus on implementing your branding and advertising strategies while being assured of consistency without too much effort. With consistency as the aim, Prismic Reflections works to bring together all the information regarding your brand and corporate identity into one brand manual, thereby allowing you to maximise the effectiveness of your branding strategies and garner greater brand retention and recall amongst your customers.