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Content Management System (CMS)

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Maintaining the number of visitors to your website, blog and all other online presence calls for constant updating. Whether you have a website that sells products or a website that talk about your business, whether you have a blog that provides tips or that answers queries and whether you have information that is fixed or that needs constant changes, everything requires updating. This is something that may even need to be done on a daily basis. In such a case, every business or individual needs a method through which they can update their content. This is where content management systems come in.

Prismic Reflections offers efficient Content Management Systems
Every business needs a tool to update its online information. The team of specialists dedicated to providing comprehensive content management systems knows that updates information is important in order to:

  • Manage your content on the go as you gain easy Add, Edit and Delete functionality
  • Manage your advertising, offers and promotion banners instantly
  • Manage the details of your products from anywhere and at any time
  • Manage your pending and completed orders easily
  • Manage the visual appeal of your website with the easy Add, Edit and Delete features for your image gallery
  • Manage the list of your subscribers and the information they get through newsletters with just one click
  • Manage your entire website, its content, visual appeal, changing offers and product details on your fingertips and from wherever you are

To come up on the first couple of pages of search results and to keep customers coming back, you need to keep your content fresh. But returning to your web designer repeatedly can become exhausting in terms of time, money & overall business management. That is the reason Prismic Reflections offers CMS customization services that provide you with the ability to change your online content. Our custom PHP development services make the task of keeping your website updated extremely quick and easy, while creating a content management system that encompasses all your content platforms.

We offer web development services with added CMS customization which covers each aspect of your online presence. This means that your website is designed to your preference while its maintenance is kept to your preference too. You become the sole owner and authority of your business’ online information. With our comprehensive and custom PHP development services, you do not have to spend a fortune on manually coding changes. Our systems allow you to change information as and when you need it, without the knowledge of computer languages. In fact, some of our content management systems are automated, allowing e-commerce websites to be updates without any effort. Prismic Reflections also has a team dedicated to Opensource WordPress development. With the growing popularity of WordPress, we offer WordPress customization services which allow you to host your website with WordPress.

CMS customization and WordPress customization means that we can create a content management system that can include as many or as few applications and functions as required. You can record all the content you may ever need, use content that it relevant at any particular time better your website’s search function with the information recorded from past users and even change the language or presentation on request.

Our content management systems enhance the interactive functionality of your website, ensuring that customers have a user friendly experience and that you have better business. The CMS offered by Prismic Reflections are comprehensive, easy to use and perfect for reaching the goals for which you are aiming.