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Creative Motion Design

Motion graphics to enrich your visual experience

Creative motion design, or motion graphic design as it is otherwise known, can be understood simply as the use of graphic design in motion. One of the most effective ways to impart information on your website, at presentations, through newsletters and other forms of communication is by the use of infographics. These graphics or images creatively depict information that is of interest to the target reader; and with its creative design, garner greater attention. Creative motion design takes this practice to use infographics a step further by incorporating motion design, including animation, audio and motion, to create a final visual clip similar to that of a film or video.

Prismic Reflections offers motion graphic design solutions with a creative twist The use of creative motion design should be done selectively and effectively. Motion graphic design, if used in excess, can be counterproductive due to being too flashy. Prismic Reflections works with you to create a strategy that focuses on those aspects of these media that can be most effective through the use of motion graphic design.

First, our team of graphic designers understands the purpose and medium of communication that you desire. Following this, we turn our attention to the target viewers so as to create a motion graphic design that your customers would find interesting and would like to view. We work with our clients to ensure that the motion design that we create perfectly encompasses the information they desire to communicate as well as being suited to the medium of communication; and we do all of this keeping your target customer and viewer in mind. Creative motion design includes the following aspects in creating a final product:

  • Infographics
  • Sound
  • Animation
  • Three Dimensional Logo
  • Consistent, Yet Innovative, Branding

Prismic Reflections is dedicated to creating motion graphic design that is innovative, creative, in line with your brand and identity, that is effective and that is efficient through its capability of being used for a prolonged period of time. We give you maximum returns on your investment through the use of the latest tools and techniques available to our graphic design team.

Our creative motion graphic design solutions are created around your vision. By involving you in the design process, we make motion infographics that your customers will find visually pleasing, informative and interesting. This further ensures that your brand garners more popularity as one that is dynamic, innovative and that knows what your customers want.