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Dashboard Interface Design

For complete control over your web, mobile or SaaS based app

A dashboard is the single tool that gives every businessperson all the information he needs in a simplistic, clear and quick manner through the use of infographics and graphically represented data. A dashboard can be understood as a single page user interface that provides information of the on-going and past trends of the organization in real time. Dashboards are being implemented in almost every corporation that wishes to have data related to all its departments in one place. A dashboard can encompass data from the departments of human resources, sales, project management, operation, IT and customer relationship management among many others. However, the scope of the data that your dashboard encompasses as well as the design interface design is subjective to your business’ goals, vision and operations. Prismic Reflections therefore works to create dashboard interface designs that are customized to your requirements.

Take a look through some of the enterprise level product UI/UX Designs by Prismic Reflections. (1-2 Screenshots of our latest projects and links to detailed case study)

Prismic Reflections understands that your needs and expectations from a dashboard and its visual interface design will be different from that of businesses in other industries and even within the same industry. Your dashboard needs to be deigned keeping in mind only one thing – you. Your functions, your goals and your requirements – they are the building blocks of your dashboard. Prismic Reflections creates customized dashboards that are unique to these building blocks.

Our customization process begins with gaining an understanding about your organization, your goals, vision, way of working and the purpose and scope of the product that you are developing. Once we gain an understanding of your image and your vision for it, we begin a study of your existent information systems. Understanding the extent of the information you possess about your operations, how it is stored and how you utilize it in your decision making process helps us determine the design for your dashboard & other key areas of the application. Once we obtain the information we need through a detailed analysis of your business, processes and operations, we look at the functions that you would most often use through your dashboard. By learning your intended method of use, we can create a dashboard with a visual interface design that is suited to your requirements. We then further develop our design to include the information pertinent to your needs. This enables us to create specialized dashboard interface designs that are perfectly suited to your vision and information expectations. Our dashboard interface designs aim at helping you:

  • Quickly view and study performance measures
  • identify any trends that are negatively affecting your profitability
  • identify any trends that are positively affecting your profitability
  • create more detailed reports only where required
  • make informed decisions that are backed by business data
  • easily identify operations that are deviating from organizational goals
  • get an overall view of the business standing

Prismic Reflections knows the importance that your vision, goals and expectations in the process of creating the perfect dashboard for you. It is for this reason that we include you in every step of the design process. We work with you to create the framework for your dashboard before we begin the design process. This allows us to work almost twice as fast as any other graphic design agency with lesser need for changes after the design is completed. By working with you at every step along the way, Prismic Reflections aims to tailor make your dashboard interface design. This enables us to give you the perfect dashboard that is informative, prolific, visually pleasing and completely personalized for maximum effect.