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Ecommerce Web Development

Redefining your online shopping experience

E-commerce and the concept of conducting business over the internet have led to a whole new market – the entire world. You, as a business or retailer, can serve customers from all over the world as your customers reach out to you in a matter of minutes. But this also brings about the problem of increased competition; and the only way to stand out in the face of the ever growing competition is to incorporate an effective e-commerce web design.

E-commerce services by Prismic Reflections
Online shopping is gaining greater popularity with each passing day as more and more customers realize the ease and comfort of shopping through a company’s website or an online store. Prismic Reflections knows that keeping up with this changing trend means using e-commerce web development solutions that are unique and efficient.

The core of any e-commerce design has to be the customer and the team of e-commerce developers at Prismic Reflections strives to fulfil the expectations of your customers. People shop online to save time and effort, and they need easy to use, simple websites that give them information when they need it. Through CMS customization, we make it easy for you to keep your websites updated and for your customers to gain from every new offer that you bring.

We believe that a good e-commerce web design should have the following qualities:

  • Created as a responsive web design, ensuring that your website is accessible from every kind of device comfortably
  • Well designed with a healthy mix of text and visuals to provide information
  • Easy to navigate through
  • Easy to categorize so that customers can search only for that for which they are shopping
  • Provide as much information about each offering and product so that customers can shop without any doubts or confusion
  • Use descriptions that are appealing and that induce purchase
  • Advertise promotions and offers clearly
  • Make the shopping process easy by offering a step by step guide at every step

Prismic Reflections aims at e-commerce web development that represents your brand and image in a manner that is easily appreciated by your target audience. We offer e-commerce web development and design services to meet only one purpose – to give your customers an experience that they thoroughly enjoy and that keeps them coming back.

Achieving this goal means allowing you to manage your e-commerce website with ease and speed. CMS customization, created around your needs, ensures that you have easy and efficient tool to manage of your online shopping cart. Through custom PHP development, we create websites that are easy & scalable to work with, for you and your customer; and that can be created perfectly in tune with your vision.

Another aspect of e-commerce web development is WordPress development. WordPress has steadily grown to become one of the preferred hosts for a multitude of e-commerce sites and the WordPress development services offered by the team of web developers at Prismic Reflections allow you to create your e-commerce website with WordPress as your platform.

Prismic Reflections believes in working with its clients to create the perfect e-commerce development solution. Our services, including custom PHP development, CMS customization and WordPress customization, are aimed at giving you the e-commerce web design that will make your website an instant classic.