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Globalese Logo

The History

Globalese is a machine translation system developed for language service providers and content owners. In short, it helps user in language localisation. Machine Translation boosts your translation capacity with quality output.

Initial Analysis & Research

During our discovery phase, we discussed with decision makers from Globalese to understand the product and its high level of features. We tried to understand their targeted audience and their profile. We learned some of the key aspects which helped us to define our approach & come up with initial concepts for logo design. We concluded as product deals with multiple languages it should have a global acceptance. At the same time, we decided to emphasize on the process of language translation.

Logo Graphic Concept

Globalese - Logo Graphic Concept

Fonts & Colors

The bold persona of logo graphic was demanding a solid yet supportive typeface. The aim was to make it look effect and clean. We have selected pastel shades; we picked it from flags of different countries and made basic tweaks in their hues to uplift the character of logo graphic & make it look more professional.

Globalese - Fonts & Colors
Globalese - Fonts & Colors
Globalese - Fonts & Colors


Globalese - Construction

Final Output

Globalese - Final Output
Globalese - Final Output
Globalese - Final Output

Business Cards

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