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Smart & playful way to present your heavy data

Infographics have become pivotal in the visual interface design of every business’ website. This trend has been spurred on by the fact that infographics allow you to depict complex information through a simple yet effective visual manner. In addition to its convenience as an information tool, infographics also enhance the user experience by increasing the interactive quota of a website. Furthermore, infographics have found a place in media other than websites such as presentations, brochures, sales literature and any other medium that requires transmitting complex information in a simple manner. But infographics design needs to be done carefully and selectively so as to be effective while remaining consistent with all of your branding efforts. This is the understanding around which Prismic Reflections bases its infographics design services.

Looking to design Infographics for your projects or analytical reports? Share your requirement with Prismic Reflections.
The team of graphic and web designers at Prismic Reflections, knows that infographics make up an integral part of your apps, SaaS based products & other web media interface design and the design of your other marketing efforts. Experience has confirmed that the best way to depict complex data is through the use of infographics such as tables, diagrams, charts, graphs and so on. But creating the perfect infographics requires an understanding of the data, the brand image of the business, the purpose of the infographics and the visual expectations of the target customers.

Prismic Reflections keeps in mind these very goals while designing the infographics for your business. We begin our design process by first understanding you and your brand. This includes gaining an insight into your corporate identity, the branding strategy that you have in place and the information that you wish to depict through the infographics. Following this, we turn our attention to your customers in order to learn their expectations, likes and dislikes. Through this process, we gain the knowledge necessary to design creative and effective infographics efficiently. Our infographics aim to:

  • Capture the essence of your business and brand
  • Meet customers visual expectations
  • Provide information quickly and with least effort
  • Provide information in an interesting and interactive manner
  • Be creative and unique in design
  • Be unique to your business goals
  • Fulfil your desired vision

Every graphic design agency works on behalf of their clients and their clients’ brand. Prismic Reflections, however works with its clients. You - form a major part of our design process and we keep you updated at every step. Through this practice, we can create the perfect infographics for you that fulfil your objective, your desired brand image and the look that you have envisioned. Furthermore, our process ensures that our infographics design is in line with your customers’ expectations thereby adding to the user experience of your website and other advertising media. With our infographics design services, we ensure that your branding efforts are effective and consistent with least effort.