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Integral Mind Power

A Revolutionary Workshop To Activate, Access & Apply Your Infinite Mind Power!

Intergral Mind Power - Logo

Initial Analysis & Research

The client wanted brand visuals to evoke blissful as well as vibrant emotions that will create some mysterious feel in the first glance. Before we started thinking our process, we realized that it can not be done effectively unless we experience and deeply know what this workshop actually does. We had a brief call with Mr. Amitt, who conducts this workshop, understood the whole process and how it works in the backend. We thoroughly went through the experiences of previous workshop attendees to know how it actually impacts on human mind & brought the difference in their life.

Fonts & Colors

Simple, clean & legible font chosen that was easy to distinguish in between letters. Font curves compliments the logo graphic circular shapes that creates perfect balance together. Colors Inspiration – Aura colors of spiritual & fully aware person reflecting vibrancy

Integral Mind Power - Fonts & Colors


Integral Mind Power - Construction

Final Output

Integral Mind Power - Final Output
Integral Mind Power - Final Output
Integral Mind Power - Final Output

Business Cards

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