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Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC)

Boost up your marketing campaign without reinventing wheel

Search Engine Marketing is another tool available to businesses who desire to extend the reach and popularity of their online presence. Search engine optimization, in fact, is one of the aspects of search engine marketing which is a much broader concept and includes all paid and unpaid methods to increase traffic to one’s site. Today, however, SEM focuses more on the paid form of gaining a high search engine ranking. This results in the need for an SEM strategy that is effective and that gives you a high return on investment. Keeping in mind the fact that SEM is an investment for you, Prismic Reflections works at creating an SEM strategy that is highly effective and that maximises your returns.

Search engine marketing services by Prismic Reflections
Prismic Reflections knows that you need an SEM strategy that is unique to your business and that is catered to meeting your goals. Additionally, you desire an SEM strategy that enables you to reach potential customers when a need that you can fulfil arises. Some of the tools that find a part to play in the SEM strategy we design for you include:

  • Pay per click at a flat rate
  • Pay per click on the basis of bids
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing AdWords
  • Search engine advertisements

The tools that would be most beneficial to you would be dependent on the nature of your business, your product offering and the tendencies of your customers while interacting with search engines. Pay per click works by displaying the short adverts that describe your product when potential customers search for related services. Commonly used by many companies, pay per click allows you to come up in the results of many searches that are related to you and your product.

Bing! AdWords and Google AdWords are internet tools that act as a platform for pay per click and search engine ads. These online advertising programs help you customize your search engine advertisement to make its reach more effective. You can choose the searches in which your ad would appear and even set your budget to ensure that you are not required to pay the search engine that you are working with any more than you desire. Once you have customized the reach of your advertisement, you work with search engines such as Bing! And Google, reaching out to customers who use these search engines for their research.

Search engine marketing may seem complex to businesses that have recently chosen to spread their name through a bigger online presence. But Prismic Reflections has been creating SEM strategies for multiple clients for years. By keeping up to date with the ever changing SEM trends, we can create an online marketing strategy that will suit your needs perfectly. Prismic Reflections works with you by understand your goals and visions and the expectations of your existing and potential customers to create a search engine marketing strategy that will help you achieve maximum results with minimum investment. When you are investing in a program like search engine marketing, you want to turn to someone who has your best interests in mind; and that is the very reason to let Prismic Reflections build your SEM strategy – because we strive to fulfil your goals.