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shopicue mobile app design - Prismic Reflections

Shopicue is an online grocery startup by young & dynamic entrepreneurs from Suncity Jodhpur. The online retailing catalog includes grocery, fruits & vegetables, personal care, household and other growing categories. Having a dream to expand all across India, MCA Super mart wanted initiate business activity from Jodhpur with their online store on Web & Android Mobile app. When they approached Prismic Reflections(TM), their primary focus was to make web & app extremely simple, clean yet appealing in design and minimal taps/clicks for the user when shopping. We analyzed the requirement and outlined the product definition using the C-P-S method. User research helped us to clearly define the targeted audience, architecture, the information and flow in a simplified way that was transformed into high fidelity wireframes in a later phase. Branding exercise added creative concept & style to the logo and final UI for web & Mobile.

Note*: All the images of products, goods, packages, vegetables, logo graphics etc below used as a sample placeholder and for presentation purpose only and they belong & copyrighted to the respective owners.

App Flow & Architecture

User Interface Design

step 1

Welcome Screen

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Welcome Screen

Logo Concept & Branding


Web User INterface Design


Infographics Design


Creativity is the core of our business, the teams don’t take themselves too seriously, and use their imagination to drive innovation

Team Work

We deeply respect the knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities that each employee brings to the team. Team leaders discover each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and play to their strong points while helping support their weaker one.


The team works to provide supreme quality standard.The team works to provide supreme quality standard.


The work environment is open, honest, collaborative and family oriented. Employees feel comfortable and confident in sticking their necks out, and trust their ideas will be well received.


We embrace each individual unique talents and honor diverse life and work styles. We operate in a spirit of cooperation and value human dignity.

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