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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Get connected with your clients and prospects by leveraging social media

Social media optimization is the practice of generating awareness and spreading information about a particular brand, a new or old product and even an event through the use of social media. Social media optimization is pivotal in creating widespread brand knowledge for your business. But social media optimization needs to be done selectively and in response to your business and customers’ needs. That is what drives Prismic Reflections to create social media optimization strategies that are unique to you, your business, your brand and your customers.

Two-fold social media optimization services by Prismic Reflections
The team of marketing and SMO experts at Prismic Reflections knows that your goals are different from that of other businesses. We also understand the need to create SMO strategies that work to promote the identity and brand that you wish to publicize. That is why Prismic Reflections works with you at all times to create an SMO strategy that fulfils your marketing goals and that creates awareness about your brand within your target market.

We make social media optimization a part of your branding strategy through two methods. First, we make your online presence one that is conducive to social media optimization. Similar to search engine optimization, SMO needs to be incorporated into the very design of your web content. This enables your website to attract more visitors through SMO and makes the entire process of using social media as a marketing tool easier and more effective.

The second aspect of effective SMO is the apt use of social tools such as RSS feeds, text and video blogs, social networking sites and social news amongst others. One of the most popular aspects of SMO is the use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Keeping this in mind, Prismic Reflections incorporates, as part of your SMO strategy, the following tools:

  • Creation of Facebook campaigns that publicize your brand, any news and any upcoming events
  • Facebook page customization to increase effectiveness and reduce effort of maintaining your Facebook page
  • YouTube channel customization which gives you a way to keep in touch with your customers and keep them updated with all desired news
  • Creation of a presence on websites such as Yelp, Foursquare and Google Places that allows customers to further publicize their association with your brand
  • Creation of a social media brand management strategy which includes branding through various social networking sites

Through its two-fold method, Prismic Reflections creates a complete social media optimization strategy which encapsulates your business goals, aims and vision and the expectations of your customers. Our SMO strategies are created with one goal in mind – to keep you in your customers’ thoughts at all times, giving you and your brand the strong recall value you desire.