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Touchscreen UI Design

Touch is the future of mobile technology

In today’s technologically advanced market, touchscreens have found a place in almost every person’s life. Whether you use a smartphone, a car navigation device, a music system in your vehicle or even electronic toys/games. You are more than likely to find yourself using a touchscreen. With its extended scope of use, touchscreens have come a long way from being a way to navigate around your phone or any other instrument. Today, users expect touchscreens to give maximum functionality while being visually pleasing and interactive. Prismic Reflections, recognizing the expectations that customers have from the touchscreens that they use, offers touchscreen interface designs to suit every instrument and every industry.

Innovative touchscreen UI/UX design services by Prismic Reflections
Prismic Reflections is dedicated to providing user centric touchscreen UI designs and delightful user experience. In fact, the importance of the role that your target user plays in the touchscreen design process cannot be emphasized enough. Prismic Reflections, while focussing on the end user, also involves you in the design process. We understand that while you want a design that users adore, you also want the design to fulfil certain functions and purposes. The team of UI/UX designers at Prismic Reflections keeps this in mind while coming up with your ideal touchscreen interface design

We begin our design process by first taking a look at your requirement, challenges & project goals. What is the purpose of the design, what functions should it give greater attention to, what target market does it have to appeal to, what industry is it in, what aspects of it should garner greater attention – these are the questions that we look to answer with your vision. Following this, we turn our attention to your target customer and his expectations. Touchscreen interface design is often compared to web app UI design, but the fact remains that touchscreen UI design can be more complex and detailed than other interface designs. This is because of the level of human interaction that a touchscreen calls for. The touchscreen is the point of contact between the customer and the device. Therefore, the aspects to be considered while designing a touchscreen are many, including:

  • Who is your target user
  • What is the nature of your target user
  • What are the likes and dislikes of your target user
  • What applications would your target user turn to most often
  • What are the natural tendencies of your target customer during every day human interaction
  • What is your target customer’s idea of aesthetic beauty

These questions allow us to get an insight into the user of the touchscreen and his expectations. It is only then that we can bring your vision of an ideally functioning touchscreen and the end user’s expectations together to create the perfect touchscreen design. By keeping you updated on every step of the design process and by undertaking extensive research through trial runs, Prismic Reflections creates the touchscreen UI design that you envisioned and that its intended users will fully appreciate.