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True Properties - Logo

Analysis & Research For True Properties

Being into real estate deals – highly competitive & risky market environment, Mr. Sagar wanted to evoke his brand language of trust. Handled 100+ clients in the early beginning of his career in real estate, he gained quick popularity for his transparent real estate transactions with reputed customers. We decided to craft the whole brand experience around the word TRUST – as believe this the core of every real estate deal over to mere pricing and other factors. Trust leading to real satisfaction, which one can immediately notice on the calm & relaxed face. We got this idea from relaxed/satisfied face o Buddha who attained the Truth in his life.

Logo Graphic Concept

True Properties - Logo Graphic Concept

Fonts & Colors

Open, bold & clear font was selected with very subtle, calm & peaceful color shades.
Two color theme with minimalistic approach to make visual feel extremely elegant.

True Properties - Fonts & Colors

Final Output

True Properties - Final Output
True Properties - Final Output
True Properties - Final Output

Business Cards

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