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Web Application Development

Smart, scalable & tailor made web/mobile apps to simplify your business operation

Web applications or SaaS based applications that use a browser as a client to run on are becoming increasingly popular in everyday professional and personal life. The primary reason for this is the convenience associated with having an application that is just a few clicks away from keeping you updated with everything that needs your attention and flexible to access from anywhere. Web applications are more self-contained than websites, addressing the functions that you need to use regularly. As such, user experience is a pivotal concern in the web application development process and the study of this aspect marks the beginning of the web application development process at Prismic Reflections.

Unique web application development solutions by Prismic Reflections
Web applications can be created to fulfil a host of goals and purposes. However, the main purpose that all web applications are meant to fulfil is that of convenient functionality. The team of web application developers at Prismic Reflections knows that creating an effective web application requires working with you and your vision of the application. We work with our clients to understand the goal that the web application is aimed to meet. This includes gaining a detailed understanding about the final users as well as their purpose of use. Following this, we create a web application that aims to meet the user expectation.

Web applications can be used to fulfil a host of purposes including, but not limited to:

  • invoice management by freelancers, businesses and their clients
  • project management within an organization
  • collaboration between the members of a project team
  • newsletter and subscriber management
  • management of a project by a freelancer
  • managing the workings of a small or entrepreneurial business
  • managing the working of each section within a large organization

The point of every web application is to make complex communication and project management simple. That is the reason that every large and small business or every entrepreneur and freelancer finds web applications abundantly useful. In a period where time management is the backbone of success, a good web application can result in more effective functioning and work. With a focus on user experience, we create web applications that reduce the effort required to maintain smooth functioning of operations.

The web application development engineers and custom PHP development experts at Prismic Reflections remain updated with the ever changing tools and resources of web application development. Using web development tools like AngularJS, jQuery, Ajax, Perl, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, CGI, Wordpress, Django and many others, we bring to fruition your vision of a perfect web application.

Our passion to create the perfect web application is what has helped us create web applications across various devices. Nowadays, customers wish to access their web applications on the go, through a smart phone or tablet. That, in fact, is what adds to the necessity of creating effective web applications that allow people to stay updated with their work at all times. We develop web applications that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device and that are consequently greatly functional – allowing for quick use and maximum effectiveness with least time and effort.

Finally, our quality control endeavours ensure that you get the application you desire in an effective and efficient manner. Once we create a web application, we turn to testing it to remove bugs and incorporate any changes, technical and otherwise, needed to refine the application; giving you a final product that is catered to your visions and needs.