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Passion, Nature & Birding

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Skills Contributed - User Experience Design . Consultation . UI Designing & Frontend Development . CMS . Blog

Meetings, Discussion & Roadmap

We met a new person who is highly passionate about bird watching & photography – Mr. Satish Gogate. He loves to observe birds, understand their life cycle & study their natural habitat. His research on bio diversity at Nandurmadhyameshwar is truly inspiring. Satish has wrote a book based on his extensive study & research.

UX Based Wireframes


Wilder Winds - Home - UX Based Wireframes


Wilder Winds - Gallery - UX Based Wireframes

Details Page

Wilder Winds - Details Page - UX Based Wireframes

User Interface Design

After analysing about Satish’s work & great level of contribution towards nature we drafted a plan for his website. Our purpose was to build a platform which will compliment Satish’ personality, his work & communication. The real fun was to showcase the picture library of his clicks and leave a long lasting impression on viewer. We designed the layout which allowed us to show large images with minimal text. To boost up his writing we provided him a Blog in his website.

Prismic Reflections

Wilder Winds - Screen View
Wilder Winds - Screen View
Wilder Winds - Screen View

Colors & Typeface

The goal was to design a website which will uplift the work done by Mr. Satish. Since from first meet we found his deep attachment with birds, their life cycle & the infinite nature. Based on these core values we decided to use colors which will take user towards the abundance of nature & allow them to focus on content.

Wilder Winds - Colors & Typeface
R: 153 G: 204 B: 000
Wilder Winds - Colors & Typeface
R: 22 G: 23 B: 24
Wilder Winds - Colors & Typeface
R: 135 G: 205 B: 221
Wilder Winds - Colors & Typeface
R: 151 G: 150 B: 150
Prismic Reflections
Wilder Winds - Typography

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